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Język serbski dla początkujących + Pliki audio + Słownik w 11 językach


Thanks to the people and associates at Azbukum, Serbia has been a unique experience every time I’ve come. Engaging, amiabile, and hospitable – those are always the first adjectives I use in my description. I don’t solely owe thanks for getting...

Robert Miessner,

Dear Natascha, thank you for the good time in Serbia. I was so glad to learn in your school, and I find, I have made a lot of progress. Greeetings from Switzerland

Susanne Scheidegger , Universität Zürich


My first impressions of the course are very positive. My professor has been very flexible during the individual classes: speeding up when I find the material quite easy and slowing down when I have difficulty. She's enthusiastic and patient, always trying where possible to explain something in Serbian rather than English so that she doesn't break the immersion. Although the learning material (Ucimo Srpski 1) is very good, she's quite willing to provide additional material when I request it e.g. re the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet.

Dave, Great Britain, February 2014-02-10


I want to add that I had a wonderful and enriching experience at Azbukum. My professors, Natasa and Bojana are warm, lively, and engaging instructors that really brought the course material alive and I was able to learn so much about Serbian language and culture. The small group format felt very personal and it was great to always be receiving feedback about our progress. Serbian is not an easy language to learn but in the month I took the classes I felt much more confident about speaking and listening. I will definitely be enrolling in classes again the next time we visit Beograd, and plan to take the online course later this year.

Colleen Alep, Canada, summer 2013


As for my faith in you and your team, I should thank all of you, not the other way around. You’ve assembled a staff that would be the honour of every university in Western Europe – not just superb teachers, but also by far the most subtle, wise, warm and perceptive people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with, people who know how to give their students confidence (which is a damn hard job in my case) and keep them on their toes at the same time. I’ve simply never encountered so much heart combined with so much professionalism within one and the same organisation. I’ll be back, and you can use my opinion on Azbukum in every way you see fit.

Theodor de Jong, Holland (2007)


I always received professional help with regards to the Serbian language, with information from cultural and museum events and, most importantly, with a warm smile. Everyone was always there to work, and ready to help me. For the students it’s really important that a center like Azbukum exists, where it’s possible to learn the Serbian language and get to know the culture of Serbia, and also to get to know people from all over the world who come to learn the language like I did.

Dominika Poplawska, Poland (2004)


Thanks to the people and associates at Azbukum, Serbia has been a unique experience every time I’ve come. Engaging, amiabile, and hospitable – those are always the first adjectives I use in my description. I don’t solely owe thanks for getting to know Serbia, but also for friendship. When I remember the courses, I think about short discussions in a pleasant atmosphere. I want to be clear: Azbukum was and is important. Personally, I found friends in Serbia and I want to maintain those contacts. It seems to me that once you start studying Serbian history and culture you can’t stop.

Robert Miessner, Germany (2001 and 2003)


To be a past and hopefully future student of the Azbukum Center means forever to be affectionately connected to the Serbian language, Serbian history, rich culture, and to true friends.

Suzana Navarra, Denmark (1996 and 1998)


The experience at Azbukum was one of the best experiences of my life. The professors always had time for me and were more than patient while they explained difficult concepts of the Serbian language. All the instructors were highly educated and used many different teaching methods. The staff at the center was extremely pleasant and professional, and they made possible all the necessary conditions for my stay on time so that I was able to concentrate more on studying and not on the living conditions. Through the help of the Azbukum Center, I was better enabled to live in Serbia and to have positive experiences in that country.

John Eshbrook, USA (1996 and 1997)


I am a PhD student of English and Applied Linguistics at the Cambridge University, U K. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Nataša MD, a director of Azbukum, her associates, and last but not least, the students of Serbian language whose native tongue is English, for their help, understanding, good will and great kindness. Their generous help and cooperation has been of vital importance for my PhD thesis. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to recommend Azbukum to anyone who may need professional assistance of this kind for their research.

Ivana Vidaković, Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistcs, Cambridge University, United Kingdom


You have helped me to speak up Serbian. You have given me the wings and made myself a great friend of the Serbs and the Serbian Langauge.

Ana Topor-Marin, lecturer at the Slavic Department, Constance University, Romania (1996 and 1998)