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Сербский язык для начинающих + аудиоприложение + словарь на одиннадцати языках


You have helped me to speak up Serbian. You have given me the wings and made myself a great friend of the Serbs and the Serbian Langauge...

Ana Topor-Marin,

The Centre provides its students with accommodation in a number of categories: in the home of a host family (S1 and S2 type), rented flats (S4 type), at the Student Dormitory (S3 type - only for the Summer Programme) or in hotels.

Staying with a host family is the best choice for students who need quick and successful immersion into the language and a life style. All the host families are carefully chosen and have prior experience in hosting the students of our programs. They are extremely hospitable and ready to help both with adapting to a new environment, as well as with studying the language. Some host families are ready to prepare meals for their guests, at extra cost. All kind of diet requirements can be arranged.

S1 type is a single room rent with a host family. The rent covers usage of bathroom and kitchen facilities as well. Storage food or preparing meals, together with a laundry service per week, are included in the fee. The fee is based on 60 Euros and up per week, depending on a type of a room, location, length of stay.

Living with a host family in Novi Sad really made the process of adjusting to a new culture very easy. They helped me to get to know the city and helped me with any problems I had finding my way around. I also met a lot of my friends through my host brothers and quickly became accustomed to life in Serbia. I'm very thankful for the experience of living with my family and all of the things they did for me.

Timothy Simmons

S2 type is a double room rent wit a host family, and the accommodation covers the same like S1, only the fee is lower and starts from 45 Euros per week per person.

S3 type is a room rent in the Student Dormitory. These rooms are similar to those in a hotel, each having two or three beds, en suite bathroom and a small kitchen. Student Dorms in Novi Sad are situated in a quiet surrounding near the Danube river, or close to the central part of a town. In Belgrade there are numerous student Dorms close to the city centre.

S4 type is a good choice for those who look for privacy or would not like to be in a close contact with local people. Renting a flat (alone, or with other Azbukum students) can be arranged on the basic that suits student the best. All the details should be carefully worked out along the accommodation arrangement process. The fee of S4 type depends on how many people live in a flat, for how long, where the flat is located and how well it is equipped.