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Učimo srpski 2 + cd

Interesting and useful course material for those who are at the intermediate level. The book offers various conversational topics, reading passages and practical listening tasks.


I am a PhD student of English and Applied Linguistics at the Cambridge University, U K. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Nataša MD, a director of Azbukum, her associates, and last but not least, the students of Serbian language...

Ivana Vidaković,
United Kingdom

Novi Sad - Capital of Vojvodina region

Dragiše Brašovana 18, floor 1

Azbukum in Novi Sad is situated in the most scenic part of the city- along the Danube River and the Strand Beach. Within close proximity of Azbukum are a large city park, shopping centers and restaurants, while the city center is only a ten minutes walk. Remarkably beautiful surroundings with bright and peaceful work classrooms are one of the basic necessities for our participants to feel comfortable and have excellent conditions for their studies.

Belgrade - Capital of Republic of Sebia

Milentija Popovića 6, Novi Beograd

Azbukum Centre is located in New Belgrade, in Block 21, a step away from the “Ušće” shopping mall and just across the main entrance to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Being situated in one of the most vibrating parts of Belgrade, Azbukum is easily accessible for all, either by walking, city transport or car. It is surrounded by free spacious parking places. Still, although in the very active part of the city, peace and quietness in Azbukum are not disturbed, where work is pleasurable and the classrooms inspirational.