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As for my faith in you and your team, I should thank all of you, not the other way around. You’ve assembled a staff that would be the honour of every university in Western Europe – not just superb teachers, but also by far the most subtle, wise...

Theodor de Jong,

Az Buki Camp

We offer classes at all Serbian language levels: from beginner to advanced. On day one, students are given a placement test, and are then assigned to a group based on their Serbian language skill level.

A minimum of two and a maximum of six participants are assigned per group. Two professors guide students in the acquisition of the Serbian language and cultural studies; and one instructor provides support in the form of supplemental activities (sports, music, etc.).

Azbukum offers three classes of Serbian per day, Monday to Friday. Every day students concentrate on a specific topic. The topic is reinforced throughout the day in various ways (during the language classes or during supplemental activities). Evenings are reserved for music, films, karaoke parties and other recreational pursuits. Excursions and sightseeing tours take place on weekends.

All class materials used for Serbian language study are published by the Azbukum Centre. For those materials specifically geared toward children aged 10 - 12, check out: Az buki srpski 1 and Az buki srpski 2. Učimo srpski 1 and Učimo srpski 2 are more suited for young adults, 13 - 15. Bookshop

Az Buki Camp participants are placed with families that have children of the same or of similar age. Host families are carefully selected and live close to Azbukum (within walking distance). Guests may opt for a single room, or share a room with their hosts (double room with separate beds). Full board is provided (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). Guest families are encouraged to actively participate in the everyday activities of their host families. By doing so, they have a chance to exchange life experiences, explore the Serbian culture, and develop deep friendships. Of course, practicing Serbian is the best part of the host family experience.

General Information

Summer 2014:

One week program July 27-August 3 or August 3 to 9 / Total of 20 Serbian language classes
Two week program July 27- August 9 / Total of 40 Serbian language classes
Location: Novi Sad
Arrival and Registration: Sunday (July 27 or August 3)
Departure: Saturday (August 3 or 9)
Az Buki Camp Participants

Age Group      10 to 12
Age Group      13 to 15 Minimum participants pre group: 2 (two), maximum: 6 (six)
Mentors and professors in Azbukum
Each group has got a mentoring and assisting professor, plus an animator for additional activities and sports
Accommodation can be arranged in host families (the fee is included in the total program’s fee) having three meals a day and two snacks.

A Week in Azbukum (Sample)



Тopic of the Day:
Who am I?


Тopic of the Day:
Secrets and Mysteries


Тopic of the Day:
Мy World


Тopic of the Day:
Mighty Us!







Arrival, Registration, and Accommodation

Meet and Greet: Professors and Participants of the ABCamp

8.00-9.00 Breakfast

9.30-11.00 Classes

11.00-12.00 Break for a Bite

A Walk through a Town

13.30-15.30 Lunch


16.00 – 18.30
Sports Afternoon


19.00 Dinner and Evening with Host Family

8.00-9.00 Breakfast

9.30-11.00 Classes

11.00-11.30 Break for a Bite 

Visiting the Petrovaradin Fortress: Hidden Pathways, Secret Places…


Eat Lunch and Unwind with Host Family



20.00 Night Out

8.00-9.00 Breakfast

9.30-14.00 Half-Day Trip: Visiting a Farm (close to Novi Sad)


Lunch and Rest


16.00-19.00  Classes


19.30-20.30 Dinner


21.00 Karaoke Night

8.00-9.00 Breakfast

9.30-11.00 Classes

Break for a Bite

Life on the River (spending a day on the river Danube; “River Project” and lunch with all program participants)

18.30 Dinner and Evening with Host Family


Az Buki Camp Fees and Conditions

Number of Participants

One Week
(per person)

Two Weeks
(per person)

Level of Serbian

One Person

 435 Еuros

830 Еuros






Two or more children from the same family

390 Еuros

745 Еuros

Group of three or more participants

370 Еuros

725 Еuros

Participants already living in Novi Sad

185 Еuros

350 Еuros

Az Buki Camp Fee Covers

Three Serbian language classes per day
Accommodation and Full Board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks)
Additional Activities (sports, competition, music workshops, games)
Two Excursions

Transportation and Entrance Fees (tickets) to sites

The Fee Does Not Cover

Travel and Medical Insurance
Cost(s) of Serbian visa (if needed)
Spending Money

Transfers to/from the Airport

Airport Pickup Fees (per person)

One: 40 Еuros one way, 70 Euros return
Two people: 30 Euros one way, 50 Euros return
Three to Five people: 25 Еuros one way, 40 Euros return 

Registration Procedure:

1. Choose the date.

2. Check the availability of the desired dates.

3. Complete and return the application along with a photo link.

4. Pay a deposit of 100 Euros to Azbukum’s account no later than three weeks before program begins.

For more information write to